The original image meme, created by Aria Maher.

"John Green Red" is the name of a meme inspired by Hannah Marie during her 02/0618 live stream, in which she said the words, "I'm John Green red, okay guys?" The phrase was said as a reference to the way in which she turns bright red when embarrassed, and she used the cover of the John Green novel Paper Towns as an example of the bright red color of her face, thus sparking the meme. In subsequent repetitions, the phrase was changed to "I'm John Green red, yo!" and was used in the original text meme created by Aria Maher.

Livestream- I'M JOHN GREEN RED, YO

Livestream- I'M JOHN GREEN RED, YO

The meme was created during this livestream. The first reference happens at around 20:34, and references continue throughout the stream.

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