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The official wiki of the Hannah Marie fandom! Hannah Marie is a fantabulous YouTuber and all-around creative. Here you'll find a directory of her best memes, ships, and more!

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Hannah Marie is a YouTuber and creative from Texas, who goes under the online name of PlottingerTwist on Twitter, or That Girl with a Blog on YouTube. She does weekly live streams on Tuesdays at 12:00 CST on her channel, referred to as #TuesdayswithHannahMarie, where her most hardcore fans gather to chat about memes, ships, life, and more. She is the inspiration behind the "John Green Red" meme, and constitutes one half of the YouTuber ship known as 'Dannah'.

Hannah is also the author of a WattPad novel called Polaroids + Postcards, which tells the story of Jason Lovett, a broke musician who has to hitchhike his way across America with a mysterious girl named Della Rae. The novel is currently unfinished, but Hannah has hopes to get it traditionally published when she completes it.

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